After the leap forward of Conte on migrants and the League rebellion on Tav and cannabis, the majority seems to find peace around the legitimate defense. So at least it seems.

The Justice Committee of the Chamber will begin voting on the amendments tabled today on legitimate defense Wednesday, January 16th. The intention is to bring the text in the classroom in early February. At the end of next month, then, Italians should have the new law on self- defense .

The fact that the M5S will not present amendments to the text will make the souls of the League raise. There will be only about eighty proposals for changes presented by the oppositions, but the majority on the text holds. The goal is not to create incidents that could jeopardize the government: even today it is parliamentarian Leagueists (“So it collapses everything”) that grillini (“on cannabis there may be transversal majorities”) have somehow feared a possible crisis . The summary is: if you pull the rope too much, it eventually tears off.

A snub of the M5S on the legitimate defense would be perhaps more serious than that realized by Conte and Di Maio on the migrants of the NGOs. Or at least, after the immigration case, a new low blow could really crack the relationship altogether. Also because on the horizon there is the launch of the decree on the income of citizenship. Between January and February, in short, both M5S and Lega have every interest in not being spiteful. On this point, Salvini was categorical: the law must pass without problems and, above all, without changes to the text to prevent the lengthening of the times that would result in a third reading of the provision. “No recourse, we are loyal to the 5 stars, the citizenship income is their priority, the legitimate defense is the priority of the League” and “between us there are neither vetoes nor games.” This is the government of transparency “, explains in an interview the Undersecretary of the Interior, Nicola Molteni.

The news are many. First of all, “existence” of the proportionality between offense and defense ” is always recognized” if someone legitimately present in the home of others, or in another place of private residence, or in their belonging “,” uses a legitimately held weapon or other means suitable for the purpose of defending one’s own property or that of others, the property of one’s own property or that of others, when there is no desistence and there is a danger of aggression “. So it will not be necessary for the thief to have a weapon in his hand, but the threat of using a weapon (which does not necessarily have to be addressed to the person) will suffice.

On the “excess of negligence” of legitimate defense the other novelties. Those who have “been seriously disturbed, deriving from the current dangerous situation” will be exempted from punishment. The conditional suspension of the penalty for those who have committed a theft in the apartment, however, can only go to those who have fully paid the amount due for compensation for damage to the injured person. And no more like now, which triggers regardless of the compensation paid or not. Then the penalties for the violation of domicile, theft and robbery will be exacerbated. The maximum sentence of imprisonment for the violation of domicile is increased to four years, up to a maximum of six and seven years in prison for the theft in housing and theft .robberies .