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Founded in 2000, family based immigration is a modern corporate formation that originates from the merger of three well-established traditional law firms.


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Provide complete law services on Family, Divorce, Khula, Separation, Court Marriage, Child Custody, Adoption, Guardianship, Maintenance, Alimony, Dower Amount, Dowry Articles, Succession Certificate, Letter of Administration, Transfer of Property, Estate Law, Lease, Sale Deed, Commercial and Business Law, Corporate Law, Registration of Firm, Partnership and Company, Trademark, Copyright, Civil Law, Injunctions, Recovery, Damages, Defamation, High Court Appeals, Writ Petitions and Habeas Corpus  Petitions etc.

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James Smith CEO of familybasedimmigration® joined in legal profession as an advocate and solicitor in 1996. He is adept, adroit and proficient in the field of civil, family and commercial law From District Courts to Higher Courts of USA. He appeared in numerous nationwide and global civil and corporate law cases in different courts on behalf of individual

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Our top quality legal support and original solutions on complex legal issues, are served by applying innovative methods and creative thinking in a way that creates added value for our clients.

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For legal help, you may be interviewed by phone when you call, or advised to come in for an in-person interview, or asked to leave your name and number so that you can be called back when an intake advocate is available. Please have all documents relating to your legal problem available at the time of your first interview. If you need special accommodations to access our services, let us know how we can help you

“I was represented better than I could have ever imagined. My needs were put first and was treated as a friend rather than a number. My opinions were valued and my doubts were always reassured. My nerves were calmed and the process was always explained. [My attorney] fought hard for me. He went above and beyond and did everything he could to ensure a great outcome. I couldn't have asked for a better law firm or attorney. Thanks guys!!!”

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“Boyd law firm really helped me with all my family law and custody issues. I felt very comfortable with this firm and the attorney I retained, Mathew Cadwell. The whole process of going to court was very nerve wracking and Mathew did a great job at being that to ease.”

Client Since 1995

“Matt Cadwell and his staff got me through a rough time in my divorce proceedings. His office was highly professional and responsive. Matt kept me informed throughout the process. I was finally able to convince my wife to use a mediator instead of her nasty, unreasonable, and expensive attorney and Mr. Cadwell referred us to an excellent mediator that we're using to complete our divorce. Boyd Law is the place to start in the scary, emotional process of divorce. Highly recommended.”

Client Since 1995

Tips for Hiring Family Lawyers in Darwin
Tips for Hiring Family Lawyers in Darwin

Separation or divorce is never easy. After all you have invested so much in the relationship. Often people are bewildered at the mere thought and have no idea of what direction they should take. In such instances, it is important to hire an experienced family lawyer.

There are several questions which need to be resolved. The parenting arrangements, and division of assets are some of the few things which need to be taken into consideration. Getting divorced can increase the financial stress on both the spouses. One of the spouse might not have the means to look after themselves or the children, in such instances, it becomes necessary to decide on spousal support as well. Only the right family lawyer in Darwin could help make the whole process much simpler.

When hiring a family lawyer in Darwin, make sure to keep the following things in mind:

  • Before you book a lawyer make sure you check out the different family lawyers practicing in Darwin. You need to ensure that they have experience working in family law. You may even ask for friends or family members for referrals. Someone who might have been in a situation similar to yours is often the best guide.
  • Do consider their areas of practice. There are some lawyers who deal exclusively in family law and then there are some who practice it as only one of their various practice areas.
  • Their experience is also one thing which should be considered. Someone who has dealt exclusively with family law for years is better equipped with handing your case and ensuring that you come out of the whole situation in a better way.
  • Also ensure that you know the rate which the lawyer charges. While some charge on an hourly basis, other lawyers might charge a fee once the case is concluded. No matter what their mode of payment is, it should be in keeping with your budget. Make sure you talk to three or four family lawyers to get a better idea of how things would be handled and how much you would be paying.

  • Once you have met a lawyer and agreed on their free, you would be called for an initial consultation. At this time the lawyer would present you with a written retainer agreement. This agreement would consist of the services which the lawyer would be providing you. Make sure you read the agreement carefully before signing.
  • Understand their billing practice. As mentioned you could be charged on an hourly basis or once at the beginning and then at the end of the case. Just keep in mind that the lawyer should be able to provide you with the account statement when you make the required payments to avoid any problems.
  • You should feel a certain compatibility with your lawyer. Someone whom you are comfortable discussing your issues. Also ensure that all your financial documents and other relevant documents are in order. You may be asked to bring a copy of all these to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Get in touch with Grays Legal’s family lawyers in Darwin. They are experts in family law, and they can definitely help you navigate the legal process with ease and confidence.

Benefits of Hiring Small Law Firms Gold Coast
Benefits of Hiring Small Law Firms Gold Coast

Perhaps one of the scariest experiences a person can ever experience is entering the criminal justice system. Beginning a legal battle can easily make one feel lost at sea without a lifebuoy to hold on to. The trauma of the arrest, the legal jargon, and the daunting fees can make you feel overwhelmed.

While you’re tempted to bring in a whole phalanx of lawyers to do battle on your behalf, it will not always work to your advantage. If you happen to live in the Gold Coast, maybe it’s time to think about putting your legal problems in the hands of small law firms in Gold Coast.


Benefits of opting for Small Law Firms


For criminal cases, success in the courtroom can be brought about by the personal interaction and level of devotion provided by smaller law firms. Here are some reasons why better results are with the smaller law firms:


Better Service and Personalised Relationships

One of the most crucial decisions you’ll ever make is the choice of a law firm. An expert is not the only thing that counts. The thing that counts most is your choice of the men and women you expect and trust to protect you. Doing business with smaller law firms establishes personalised relationships between lawyer and client. Lawyers knowing more about the case of their client have a better perspective to protect him or her accordingly.


More time for one-on-one interactions

The high-stress cases handled by larger firms at the same time often result in serious downtime with their clients. Their army of lawyers is far too busy doing research work for them to present a solid defence for every case that walks in their door. This often results in client neglect.

With smaller firms, the personal touch is easily felt by clients. Taking time to confer, fight, and strategise about each case are practices few large firms can hope to match.


Select and Dedicated Lawyers

The troop of lawyers seen in large law firms is their main advantage. However, this will not work in personal criminal defence. It’s not an uncommon practice in large firms to pass cases to be handled at different stages by different lawyers.

Smaller firms assign a select group of lawyers to handle your case. These lawyers Gold Coast will be with you every step of the way. This allows them to have a fuller grasp on the complexities of your case to ultimately work for a successful culmination.


Significant Reputation

The name recognition seems to be always with the bigger firms. Yet, what matters most at the end of the day is the significant reputation small firms have over their clients. Not only do small firm establish strong client rapport, but relationship within their community is also deeper. This means that lawyers in smaller firms have stronger and personal relationships with prosecutors, judges, and DAs. How can this become advantageous to your case? Your case achieves a focused path, better deals, and finely-tuned court strategies.


Small firms carefully treat the case of their client with the attention they expect. Their commitment to their clients has no time limit. They are always ready to assist their clients during times when it’s needed the most. For small law firms, every life is precious and special.



Local Solicitors Gold Coast
Local Solicitors Gold Coast

Dealing with solicitors closer to home provides a better option during times of confusion or distress. The result of a stressful incident or an accident can make almost anyone anxious and distressed. The situation calls for legal help from a solicitor.

Advertisements on social media and television often make it easy to let a familiar name handle your legal affairs. Yet, a more personal touch is something these recognisable names can’t give.

Local solicitors in Gold Coast can make all the difference when it comes to a comprehensive understanding of your specific legal problem.


Benefits provided by Local Solicitors


Local solicitors can often expedite your enquiry or case because they are more knowledgeable about the area. If you are located in the Gold Coast, it makes sense to seek the help of local solicitors in the area rather than seek legal help elsewhere.

Here are some benefits provided by local solicitors to make them the right call.


Face to Face meetings

Transacting business has become so impersonal today with the advent of technological advances. However, many people do not feel comfortable having interpersonal relationships with utility companies, banks, grocery stores, and lawyers.

A local solicitor establishes a personal relationship with you by taking the time for face-to-face meetings. This gives you a feeling that a human being is ready to help you with your legal issues.


Easier to set up an appointment

The reasons are generally important for people requiring legal services. Not having to travel too far or knowing that you can drop in at a moment’s notice is some of the best benefits of hiring a local solicitor. You gain peace of mind knowing that your concerns are easily understandable to a local solicitor. Their familiarity with the rules and laws in your local area make their services distinctive.


Immediate attention

There are times that you are faced with a complex enquiry that needs the immediate attention of a solicitor. Having one close to your location makes sense. Opting for a local solicitor means not having to wait until someone calls you back or sends you an email. Their immediate attention towards your legal concerns makes them the right call every time.


Visits you when you are unable to

The personal touch provided by local solicitors extends to home or hospital visits when you are unable to. For instance, recovering from an accident can confine you to the hospital or home. Having someone close by in times when you need legal help the most is a sensible option to take advantage of.


Great Money Value

Often, faceless and larger law firms cannot offer the same valuable service provided by local solicitors. Your legal needs get a more comprehensive, warmer, and personal solution compared to multi-national law firms. The number one edge of local solicitors from huge law firms is their local knowledge and comprehension. Factor in time, reliability, trust and you get a great money value with hiring local solicitors.


There are times when a solicitor is needed for urgent legal requirements. Opting to go for solicitors Gold Coast offers the smartest option than going through the trouble of searching online for a reputable law firm. Having someone close by provides the most sensible solution.