Injuries can happen to anyone and without warning. You might suffer through no fault on your side and have your life in limbo for a long time or permanently. Accidents do happen, some are a grave danger, and they will leave an impact on your life for days, months or years. In places where you suffer damages because there was a negligent party, you have a chance to claim damages. For optimal compensation, you better seek the services of a quality criminal injury lawyer to advocate on your behalf. So what are the best qualities you should look for before hiring a legal solicitor? Here are some crucial ones:

Track record and solid settlements

A quality criminal injury lawyer must present a track record of solid settlements and judgements that favored their past clients. This will boost confidence in new clients that their cases will be handled with due regard. If you ask to see their testimonials, they should be impressive and have no lost cases or minimal for that matter. They should be eager to share these testimonials with their prospective clients and give them an opportunity to interrogate their references for clarification and to further back up their claims for a good track record. If a criminal injury law firm is reluctant in sharing its track record and list of solid settlements, there must be a problem, move on and continue the search. It is ideal to appreciate the fact that not all legal firms operate under the same level of standards. The red flag that you should be wary of is; if a law firm accepts a low insurance offer that doesn’t even cater for medical bills. Look for attorneys who give personalized attention to each client and are patient enough to assertively negotiate for higher payout for their clients. Although ratings and reviews can be deceiving, they paint a picture of the kind of services you are going to receive. Rogue firms buy badges to improve their images but their services could be wanting.


When seeking a criminal injury lawyer, look for a firm of solicitors who specializes in the area you are looking for. Some lawyers can multi-perform on tasks and jobs at stake, but those who specialize are known to perform much better. Specialization gives lawyers more expertise and understanding in their area of jurisdiction. Even within an area of specialization, there is still specialization for example; accidents, assaults, dog bites, nursing abuse, medical malpractice, toxic tort, product liability and the list goes on.

Empathetic and truly understanding

Remember, clients coming to criminal injury lawyers are already in deep pain, and it is one of their challenging times. Lawyers must be empathetic and understanding to their clients and do everything humanly possible to ensure that their clients go home smiling with hefty or rightful compensation. It might not take away the pain, but provide a sigh of relief to them. They should articulate fluently your issues with a passion to counterparts in the courts.

Only pay when they win

When searching for an injury lawyer, the bottom line is; that they should accept to work with you without needing a dime. You only pay them when you win the case. Their cut only exists when they win the case for you.

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