Divorces aren’t just time consuming but are emotionally draining as well. It’s not easy to end a relationship no matter how long one has been together. It can affect couples who have been together for a few months and even those who have been together for years. Also if children are involved, things can get quite complicated. It can have an adverse effect on their well-being as well. This is why it’s important to choose the right family lawyers in Coffs Harbor.

On the other hand there are several complications which can be avoided if mediation is used. It helps couples to make their own decisions, talk about those decisions and then finally come to an agreement. Visits to the court can be avoided. Plus it is also helpful on your emotional well-being. The lengthy court visits can definitely take its toll on the family as a whole. So if you want a quick and amiable divorce, mediation is the way to go.

There is another reason why mediation is a better option. This is because court visits can impact the well-being of the children as well. No child wants to see their parent battling it out in court in front of people they don’t even know. It can be over whelming for the children, no matter what their age.

Few things you need to know about divorce

  • It should be kept in mind that there isn’t really anything like a quick divorce. It’s not something which is done and dusted in a matter of days. It is only possible for partners who have been separated for more than a year. Also there is a period of reconciliation which is three months. If that period passes as well then a person is eligible to file for divorce.
  • Grounds for divorce need to be established. You should have enough proof to show that your marriage has broken down and there is no way you can reconcile with your partner. Even if it’s only one person seeking divorce, the other would still need to comply
  • Also if you are planning on getting married, don’t just rush into marriage as soon as you get a divorce. It would be considered bigamy. So make sure that you wait around for the right time and then make a move.
  • Parenting arrangements are made once the divorce has been finalized. You can choose to go for mediation or have a judge decide things like custody and visiting rights.
  • When it comes to the division of assets the court always considers the contributions of both the spouses during the time they were married. These would include both financial and non-financial contributions.
  • If the parents are on disagreement when it comes to parenting, the court decides what’s going to be best for the child. This is done after careful deliberation.

Make sure that you hire the right lawyer to help you get your legal rights. For more information on family law do contact family law services in Coffs Harbor.