New York, Jan. 11th (askanews) – The US House has approved (411 votes in favor, 7 against) the bill that will allow federal workers to get back wages at the end of the shutdown; yesterday, the Senate had approved it unanimously. The bill will have to be signed by President Donald Trump, who yesterday assured that the workers will have their salaries. The bill also guarantees workers for any future shutdowns.

In the United States, a partial shutdown is taking place in the United States for 21 days, a blocking of some activities of the federal government, due to the lack of agreement between Republicans and Democrats on a spending bill that would finance various federal departments and agencies. The point of confrontation is the financing of the wall with Mexico, demanded by Trump, to which the democrats are opposed. Tomorrow, the current shutdown, which is leaving around 800,000 federal workers without salary, will become the longest in US history.

There are 32,000 yellow vests that today manifest throughout France, 8,000 of them in Paris. In the capital, home of the main procession, for the 9th act of the protest there are three times a week ago protesters. The number of total yellow waistcoats in France also increased, with 26,000 last Saturday. In the mid-afternoon, the stops were 82 throughout France.