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221g Administrative Processing

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  1. got a call frm 03323521226
  2. Almost 4 years since the case has been in AP
  3. Additional Processing (221G)
  4. Raven Help me plz
  5. Refusal Worksheet - Algiers
  6. should i call any where aftrer 17 days??
  7. Waiting after 221g
  8. us embassy islamabad CR1 interview experience
  9. London Embassy
  10. Received call from embassy to submit passport.
  11. Passport sent back by mumbia consulate 221 g administrative processing
  12. got visa after 55 days of A.P
  13. Case Status Inquiry - Embassy and DOS differ on status
  14. Administrative processing: allowed to travel or change residences?
  15. abroad trips and AAP
  16. calling or sending email's to embassy can effect on our case???
  17. No response
  18. Additional Administrative Processing
  19. Wife just had her interview at Islamabad, placed in Administration Process
  20. passport sent back under administrative processing
  21. I Hope I will get Help from you Friends
  22. new medical report even when the first medical export is still valid
  24. My wife is pregnant & i'm still waiting for Embassay call under 221g (AP)
  25. Admin Processing since March 2010
  26. I'm in Under AP But my wife is pregnant so i have 2 question
  27. { Information Of 221g (AP) Administrative Processing }
  28. WHAT CAN I DO?
  29. 2 years and still waiting .. HELPPPP!!!
  30. should i call?
  31. DOS contact nu,ber
  32. Father's case has been pending for over 14 months
  33. Reply of email from embassy
  34. my case in AP, can i apply for visit visa ?
  35. AP after visa proval
  36. administrative processing 221(g) green paper
  37. Petition denied due to age
  38. embassay didn't response my email, what does it means?
  39. Ingen flere som ser ut
  40. How Much Chances?????
  41. US Visa Case Status Help plzzz!!!!
  42. what is mean (certaficat marriage )
  43. need info
  45. pakistan AP
  46. Help please, 17 months still waiting; London
  47. Embassy experince ended up by getting blue refusal sheet
  48. visa Status Check(Link)
  49. AP processing. USC applied for Paki Husband
  50. administrative processing
  51. Plz Sign this petition
  52. got visa today after 2 years ap processing.
  53. Administrative Processing/Administrative Review Dhaka
  54. 221g online status chk
  55. i need help urgently.
  56. visa status check link
  57. visit embassy
  58. visa case expiring soon
  59. administrative process
  60. today i got mail from embassy.
  61. Administrative Processing
  62. got visa
  63. Administrative Processing
  64. AP
  65. need k-1 visa help regarding ceac
  66. online status shows raedy
  67. After Long AP of 4 years case status Issued
  68. help regarding orignal papers
  69. Returned Case to NVC after 3years long AP
  70. What is " Assistance with a Federal Agency"
  71. Today got Blue sheet from embassy by Post
  72. important question AP
  73. Doing Job Outside Resident City
  74. waiting for passport from embassy
  75. Whats meaning of this
  76. Waiting in AP since Dec 28,2012
  78. (Yellow) 221g Additional Processing two times (Toronto)
  79. I-130 ( Spouse of US citizen with 14 yrs old kid)
  80. status update date question
  81. Embassy response
  82. reask documents
  83. please help me!!! I 129f
  84. AP Important question.
  85. 2end time email from embassy
  86. administrative processing
  87. Interview outside
  88. Documents not received by embassy
  89. 221 g yellow slip
  90. Administrative Processing CR1 Kingston Jamaica
  91. Under AP with NEW DELHI Embassy Since Apr 2013
  92. what do status updates mean?
  93. Administrative Review
  94. AP/AR Dhaka
  95. 221g Administrative Processing from Montreal,
  96. administrative processing
  98. 221g Administrative Processing
  99. status updating daily
  100. Help me im so confused
  101. second interview
  102. they did not gave any instruction to me bit online i found this message
  103. 221g - GOT MY PASSPORT 221g Administrative Processing
  104. Finally my AP,Dhaka is over today
  105. After a long long time embassy give me some hope
  106. Administrative Processing to Expiring Soon
  107. Administrative processing for the past 4+ years

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